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The Band Biography

The name Top Secret has been registered for many years but the current band was formed in 2007.

Bren and Barry were introduced at the Red Lion in Shepshed by Scott Webber and Tracy Allen. Monday evenings were very quiet at the Red Lion and so Barry & Bren set up drums and a guitar amp and had an informal ‘knockabout’. After a few weeks Barry asked Bren if he wanted to try a more complete line up and when Bren said yes Neil and Richard were invited along.

Monday nights suddenly became more interesting at the Red Lion and quite a crowd were turning up to watch as the songs developed..

The song selection was a kind of guilty pleasure list of songs each band member had wanted to play but never got around to, alongside a handful of tunes that were known by all the members..

It soon became apparent that the band was worthy of more than just a casual get together on a Monday evening or as Bren put it “It would be a waste not to gig it”.

There have been a few personnel changes over the years, but far less than the average band of prima donnas and divas that pepper the landscape..

It transpires that the range of songs and genres the band plays is an excellent fit with any crowd ~ there is something in there for everybody and the band are asked to play as many private functions as regular bookings.

As the Facebook page says “We play a diverse range of covers suitable for Pubs, Clubs, Halls, Festivals, Rallies, Weddings, Birthdays, Engagements etc . . .Trust us, NOBODY’S Safe !!”